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The Ezekius Network
The Ezekius Network
Reaching The World For Christ Through The Electronic Ministry
The Ezekius Ministry is a conglomeration of various efforts aimed at spreading the Gospel of the Holy Bible. We believe that there is but one gospel, and that it must be rightly divided and properly understood and applied in order for it to have its intended effect. However, we also acknowledge that there are many means available today to accomplish the spreading of that Gospel. We therefore believe in using any means at our disposal to do that work. In addition to direct preaching from the pulpit, we use tracts, books and other literature, writings and doctrinal articles posted on the internet, email-based newsletters and musical compositions as our means (hence the phrase "electronic ministry"), but you can be assured that, by whatever means you receive it the message will be the same.

It is unfortunate that all Christians, just as we do, believe in the true and living, almighty God, but in too many cases the similarities end there! In addition, we believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was sent by God into the world for the primary purpose of taking on the sins of the world and paying the penalty for sin in the stead of those who by faith accept this grace of God. We believe that the Holy Ghost, as a real entity, also from God, is active on earth now, and may dwell in the believer, equipping and empowering him or her for God's use and service. We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that it contains all that is needed for man to be justified before God in the Day of Judgment. We also believe that even though salvation itself is granted because of a person's faith, it is yet needful, after salvation, to not only have a direct experience of the indwelling of the Holy Ghost (as in Acts 2:4), but that this indwelling compels the believer to a life of holiness and righteous living, without which such a person can hardly claim to have had a true conversion experience. Finally, we believe that if the will of God is to be manifested in the life of the believer, then it is necessary to rightly divide the Word in order to know what the will of the Lord is.
These beliefs represent the general foundation of the work of this ministry, and the things we seek to convey to the world of both believers and non-believers. As you peruse this site, and avail yourself of the other aspects of what this ministry offers and does, you will come to a fuller understanding of what we believe. We encourage you, above all, to submit, humble yourself completely, and seek the face of God with all diligence, that you will come to know God beyond merely agreeing in your mind that, yes, He is real. God is so much more than that to those who are willing to give up all to know Him!

This web site is the "launch point" for the entire work of this ministry, and we invite you to learn with us, learn from us and together, let us seek the truth of God and His righteousness in Jesus' Name!
Elder Larry E. Handley is an ordained minister in the Church of God in Christ. The Ezekius Ministry is the name under which he has been conducting various operations in the promoting of the Gospel for the past five years.
Eschewing such worldly labels as "liberal", conservative", or "fundamentslist", Elder Handley is motivated by the simple belief that the Bible is the inspired word of the Living God, that it is absolutely right in all it's teachings and that all those who would have the hope of salvation must live their lives as if God meant what He said, and all those who do not live as if God meant what He said will face eternal punishment and total separation from God with no hope of relief.
Elder Handley believes that the Word of God alone, without assistance from worldly logic and human understanding, is the only thing that has the power to transform the hearts of men, and that is what this ministry relies upon and promotes.

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